Two Places at Once

Categories: Cup of Joe

In my final days at the Denver Metro Chamber, I am attempting to defy that fundamental rule of matter: “A solid object cannot occupy two places at once.”

I have had a couple of amazing visits with my new constituency: The students, faculty and staff of Colorado State University. I traveled to the Pueblo campus early in June, followed closely by several visits to Fort Collins.

 I hope to spend much time in both places in the coming months. When I first came to the Chamber, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the members on their home turf, learning about their businesses, their challenges and their goals.

I plan to have that same experience during my time at CSU.

This week, I have spent three days with the CSU Board, planning the coming year and talking about expectations and aspirations that we all have for this university.

Tonight, I will attend a community goodbye at the Denver Botanic Gardens, sponsored by a number of very generous members at the Chamber.

Irish politician of the late 1700’s Boyle Roche asked, “How can I be in two places at once, unless I were a bird?”

Right now, I feel like I have wings, and am traveling between two places: My world at the Chamber and my world at CSU. I am enjoying the flight, but I will be ready to settle come July 1.