Ascent to Asia

I expected Tokyo to feel really crowded (35 million people in the area) and to be very entrepreneurial.
I was wrong on both counts.
They have people wearing white gloves who usher you and millions of your soon-to-be closest friends on to subway cars that look like they were just put on the line yesterday. I can only dream of having my personal vehicle look that good, much less American public transportation.
They have also been in a 20-year recession – they aren’t the risk takers that I’m used to here in Colorado.
I guess, when your cultural time is measured in millennium, a year or a decade is nothing.
The latter point is why we are continuing to go to Asia to garner a Denver to Tokyo direct flight. The payoff for such a flight is tremendous, the relationship building to get there takes a long time. And, while we are entrepreneurial in Colorado, we are also persistent, so we’ll stay the course and keep working to make this flight a reality.