Metro meets West

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This week our friends from Club 20 on the Western Slope have been visiting the Front Range for their annual trip to meet with legislators and colleagues in Denver to share ideas and facilitate discussion about how to move our state forward, together.

For those of you unfamiliar with the organization, Club 20 is a coalition representing individuals, businesses, tribes and local governments in 22 counties in western Colorado, focused on “speaking with a unified voice on issues of mutual concern.” Founded in 1953 by business leaders determined to pave a number of rural roads, the group now works on issues varying from energy, education and workforce development to telecommunications, tourism and business affairs.

Do any of those sound familiar?

That is exactly why open lines of communication are so vitally important. Businesses across Colorado share the same concerns no matter which city we call home. While we find that we often agree on the challenges and opportunities, we also know that sometimes geography can give you a different perspective-and those perspectives are so valuable as we all work to drive Colorado’s economy.

Our work with Club 20 comes in many forms, but one place we make sure their voice is heard is through the Colorado Competitive Council (C3). As you know, C3 is an affiliate of the Denver Metro Chamber that collaborates with other business groups around the state to advocate for sound policies that encourage growth of key industries and the creation of jobs for Colorado.

This session, the Chamber, C3 and Club 20 will be working together toward solutions for some of our state’s toughest challenges: transportation needs, education reform and affordable health care for every Coloradan.

No matter where you live in Colorado, the success of the state as a whole increases the likelihood that our own regions will thrive. We know as a business community we must stand together to ensure the resources in every community – no matter how many or few there may be- are put to use for all our benefit.

While there may be times when we might not agree on the details of every issue, our goals are aligned and our desire to create a better future for our state and its residents will always unite us.

Hats off to Bonnie Petersen, executive director, and the rest of the Club 20 group for making the trek over the mountain to Denver for this valuable time together. We look forward to working closely with you again this year.
Best regards,

Kelly J. Brough
President and CEO
Denver Metro Chamber

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