Green is good

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Earth Day was yesterday and, while I spent some of it driving around in my car in Denver (sorry about that), I was given to thinking about how “green” business has to be right now.

By “green” I mean effective, efficient and financially savvy. In today’s roller coaster economy, businesses big and small cannot waste a dime or a moment being inefficient or ineffectual. Customers give you one shot at earning their reluctantly given “green” (here I mean money, of course), and business must get right to the point of their customers’ needs, or risk losing them to a competitor.

It reminds me of United Launch Alliance’s (ULA) work. They build rockets, and they only get one launch to get the satellite in the right place, or they could end up with a very angry customer who just spent a lot of money to send something into space that didn’t end up there.

We must get it right. And ULA does do it right.

Next week we will celebrate great business achievements at the 2009 Business Awards event, held at the Hyatt Regency. You can sign up on the Chamber Web site at  – of course, if you are reading this blog, then you know your way there.


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