Merger lane

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It seems as though merger year is upon us. Qwest and CenturyTel, United and Continental, Frontier and Republic—all announced mergers in recent months and unfortunately didn’t deliver or keep headquarters in Denver.

While this gives us all pause, there is some additional information you should know.

Our EDC Chief Tom Clark points out that we have secured 38 headquarters since 2003. Furthermore – what really matters are jobs for Coloradans right now. And, most agree the growth will really come in the smaller companies. Those employers under 100 employees, are slowly adding positions.

Since our mantra is jobs, jobs, jobs, we need to keep our focus there. Don’t get me wrong, if we can have both, we want them, but if we can only have one—we’ll take the jobs every time.

So, now we’ll work hard to show CenturyTel how we will support them and ensure their success in Colorado, so they keep the majority of those 7900 jobs right here.


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